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Get directions for the optimal intensity and volume of sports training. Avoid over-training and tune peak form at the right time.

 Individual sports training allows for very detailed load and rest control with a focus on maximum training effect. The key to increasing the performance of each athlete is to look for a supercompensation phase. To that end, I need objective feedback on the specific effect of training on the body. When can I still train and how intensely? When is it more effective to start relaxing and how long should it take? MySASY identifies objectively, in detail and in time all the effects on the organism. It will become your unique training navigator that will guarantee you to train at the highest possible level with minimal risk of health problems, without the risk of overloading and the associated consequences.


Eliminate the number of injuries and health complications. Know the effects of team training on an individual. The same training works differently for everyone.

 Training in the team has its undisputed benefits. Team sports will certainly not do without it. However, in common training, do you know for whom is the load optimal, who needs to train more and for whom the burden is already excessive? MySASY can quantify the effect of training on each member of the team, compare the individuals with each other, and offer recommendations for the next step. You get a tool to customize the load and maximize the efficiency of the training process. Everything very simple, on one common screen. The results will be available before the athletes arrive for training.


Be healthy, feel good, reduce your physiological age. Elixir has no one, but we have a way to do it.

The functioning of the autonomic nervous system with increasing age decreases physiologically. Properly driven exercise and lifestyle can slow down this process. Your good condition will have a positive effect on increasing heart rate variability, which is the unmistakable proof of improved control system performance to the level of lower-age individuals


Move your expertise and business to a new level. You will get a detailed analysis of the body's status, the level of regeneration and the training of your clients that you will not meet elsewhere.

 For all personal fitness trainers, sports centers, as well as fitness centers or other interested parties, we present the perfect tool that will allow you to keep track of the training progress of your clients in the smallest detail. Your clients will be convinced that you are leading them the right way and you yourself get an invaluable advantage over your competition and a clear platform for clear and comprehensible reasoning about your training practices.

Get a new version of the training profile at a boot price and train smartly.