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Get the tool for control the optimum intensity and volume of sports training. Avoid over-training and tune up the sports form at the right time.

Now you have a tool to manage your training perfectly, based on real objective information about the status of your body. You can determine the optimal length and intensity of the load and the optimal regeneration mode to help you achieve the currently set training goals. Information will allow you to keep training at the most effective level as possible. It will warn you in time against the risk of overloading or overtraining. It will help you fine-tune the sports form to the desired peak.

The available tools do not only show the reactions of your body but also recommendations how to continue.


The mySASY system fully monitors the activity of both branches of the autonomic nervous system and provides information for detailed control of the training process.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is the basic unit of the organism that affects its responses and following adaptation to every load. It has two branches that affect the activity of the organism, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Without the possibility of monitoring the activity of both branches, HRV methodology is used as a diagnosis, which shows how much gasoline is in the tank, but does not show the current consumption.

Monitoring of the balance between both branches provides essential, detailed information which is necessary for truly optimal management of the training.


Laboratory accuracy with unlimited accessibility. Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to visit the Laboratory for a quality and accurate result. You can measure yourself anytime, anywhere.

mySASY now makes available a methodology that was so far available only by sports lab testing. The usage of the results required personal professional interpretation. The accessibility of multiple measurements was absent, although it brings a significant potential to the training. The system that you can have in your pocket now enables you to optimize your daily training, identify the sports talent of your athletes, and create new business opportunities for your clients.

There are no more excuses like the laboratory is too far, or unavailability of modern methods. It is only up to you if you will use this new potential for your maximum benefit.


Look to the future. With mySASY app, you will find out what to do for the next optimization of your training. We will tell you how your body reacts to the training and how the further regime should look like.

Currently available training tools show you what you did during your training. mySASY will tell you how it really affected your body and recommends what to do in the future. There is an endless portfolio of devices and applications that show, describe, analyze, draw, capture, share what you have been doing in the training. This will help you to write down and analyze what has already been done in the past. But using mySASY, you can see what processes are taking place in your body at the moment and what it means for the next training. It solves the current state and above all the FUTURE.


The mySASY system recognizes the individual level of trainability and speed of regeneration of the organism. This helps prevent health complications and reduces the risk of injury and overtraining.

The problem of frequent injuries and other health problems of today's athletes often stems from the impossibility of identifying the lower level of regeneration in the early stages and the first signs of overload. Small changes in the training in these early stages can significantly reduce the risk of health complications. However, if this condition is not identified at the beginning, the possibility of injuries steeply rises. This can significantly affect the performance of the athlete in a long run.

Get a new version of the training profile at a boot price and train smartly.