5 Reasons to Use mySASY


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The mySASY system comprehensively describes the condition of the organism and evaluates its response to the training load. It helps in planning your next workout. The system evaluates the condition of the basic control system of the organism (autonomous nervous system - ANS), which operates independently of our will (it cannot be objectively perceived) and decides on all activation and regeneration processes in the organism (consumption and replenishment of energy).

1. Tune up your body and mind

At mySASY, we try to help athletes understand the connection between physical (not only training) and mental stress and its impact on the body and the need to consider both these influences in training. For example, if you undergo light regeneration training in the morning, but then you will resist work stress all day and without sufficient sleep recovery, your body will be worse the next day than after a hard workout. It is important to emphasize that each individual responds to stress individually, and so its effect may have different outcomes.

mySASY measures heart rate variability (HRV) and then performs its spectral analysis. This method helps athletes of all levels to accurately determine their ability to withstand central fatigue and physical and mental stress. The current state of the body is affected not only by the last training but also by the amount and quality of sleep, stress, quality of nutrition and other possible factors. Morning measurements with mySASY based on the monitoring of current central fatigue will immediately show how your body is prepared for the next physical or mental stress.

2. Monitoring of Functional Age and Training Capacity

The functional age reflects the current state of the control system, the better the state, the lower the measured functional age and vice versa. Functional age increases = organism reacts negatively to previous stimuli. Functional age decreases = organism responds positively to previous stimuli.

The training capacity graph provides information on the balance between energy consumption and refueling (activation and regeneration events in the body). On the X-axis we see the level of regeneration, on the Y-axis the level of organism activation. The basic evaluation is based on monitoring the change of the position of the point showing the result depending on the previous stimulus (training, stress, regeneration, ...). A desirable reaction to regeneration is to shift the point upwards to the right, which means a good adaptation reaction. On the other hand, the long-term shift to the left downwards requires adjusting the load and the training and regeneration modes.

These two basic functions of mySASY help users to clearly visualize and understand their current state of health as a result of the measurement. The complex scientific method built on long years of research is accessible and understandable to the general public thanks to mySASY.

3. Effective training planning

It does not matter if you are a professional or hobby athlete, the resulting effect of training depends not only on its composition and size of the load but also on the long-term and current condition of the body.

Training with a better initial HRV yield a higher performance boost than training with a worse HRV. Conversely, training that deteriorates HRV in the long-term causes the organism to overload and does not induce a proper adaptation response and performance growth.

Often you may find that your body responds to passive rest as a stress stimulus, and on the contrary, will improve with active regeneration, ie. light training in low intensity. Conversely, the intense workout, after which you tend to include just rest, causes a positive adaptation reaction and you can repeat the higher intensity of the training until it worsens the results.

4. Training Profile

mySASY helps you recognize your capacity to withstand central fatigue and stress through the Training Profile service. The behavior of the control system is unique to each individual depending on the genetic predisposition and training-induced changes. Are you a talent, a classic, a holder or a threat? mySASY helps you understand your current disposition by determining your Training Profile. When you repeatedly determine the Training Profile, you can monitor the long-term development of the body in response to training and life regimen - you can find out more in the article about the Training Profile and its long-term use.

5. Injury prevention

Adapting the training to mySASY results helps prevent extreme situations when the body is not ready to respond to high training loads and is significantly more vulnerable to injuries. Similarly, the measurements are reflecting the approaching cold or disease. The problem of frequent injuries and other health problems of today's athletes often stems from the impossibility to identify in time a worsening condition of the body and the approaching first signs of overload/disease. Minor adjustment of training in the early stages can significantly reduce the risk of health complications. Conversely, if this condition is not identified from an early stage, the likelihood of health damage, which can significantly, sometimes in the long term, affect sports performance or career, is rising steeply. Regular measurement with mySASY is an effective tool for identifying emerging risk conditions.

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