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2D chart

It clearly shows graphically the tuning of the organism in the chosen period. Helps to identify the optimal training mode.

The location of a point within the graph presents the results of the corresponding measurements


  • find out what is your current level of activation (sympathetic) and regeneration (parasympathetic)
  • compare values for a selected period of any length

  • sophisticated animation will show you how the observed balance has changed at the selected time
  • With an interactively integrated calendar, you compare the achieved result along with real information about your workouts and feelings


It shows you what stage of the training process you are in and directs your next training.

In addition to answering these key questions, you will also get recommendations on how to proceed further.


  • Using a sophisticated algorithm, we compare all currently measured information with your previous results and show you the current level of compensation
  • For values above 100%, the body literally calls for another load
  • At lower values it is necessary to prescribe lower load and more regeneration
  • The text suggestion will tell you what to do next

Functional age

Proper training will help you to rejuvenate. We'll show you how to do this and how to document it

  • thanks to the functional age you can see your condition at first glance. After proper training, you get a little older. After that, proper regeneration will cause the desired rejuvenation
  • You need to get younger gradually. Keep an eye on the long-term trend
  • Tables and relative value charts let you make a very detailed analysis of all long-term and short-term trends
  • The ability to graphically compare the data from your training provides a unique analytical tool
  • All can be exported to selected computer formats

Team Account

Consider the burden on all members of the sports team according to their inherent dispositions.

  • You will see the results of all team members before they drive at training
  • You can work with the results already when editing your current training
  • allows you to see, compare and analyze the results of all or just selected athletes simultaneously, on one screen
  • You have all the tools available for all your athletes
  • Everything can be compared to the training logs in the interactive calendar
  • All can be exported to selected computer formats


You can count on our advice


  • One of the integral parts of the application is a feature that allows the client to contact a coach or an expert
  • You can automatically assign a graph or screen preview to the query or request for a consultation
  • We do our best to make communication as effective as possible and help clients make the most of our tools


3D graph and absolute Values

We offer a solid scientific basis with scientific overlap.

  • For research and other professional purposes, it is possible to work with all absolute values that are the output of spectral analysis of heart rate variability
  • If you are interested in professional cooperation, please contact us

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